Theodora Nikolaidou, Counselor – Trauma Therapist

Getting to know me

As a dedicated and compassionate counselor for individuals and groups, I have been engaging in private practice for the last decade. Being a keen observer and active listener, I offer effective suggestions to help clients gain practical insight into situations such as divorce, marital & relationship issues, menopausal psychological issues and mother- daughter relationship concerns.

As a trained trauma therapist with extensive knowledge in trauma and P.T.S.D. symptoms, Ι see victims of psychological & verbal abuse, of domestic abuse and bullying at school or at work. In this domain, I also apply my specialized Knowledge and professional experience at the healing of individuals who suffer from anger, phobias, psychosomatic chronic pain, depression & moroseness.

Being also a certified Resource Brainspotting practitioner I can bring immediate relief to symptoms of social stress, stress due to learning skill difficulties and performance stress.

I work well with Homeopathic, Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedy practitioners.

For individuals whose mother- tongue is English, sessions at my private practice quarters can be carried out in English.



  • Athens Institute of Traumatherapy in Cooperation with Liza Swartz

Education & Training in Core Self Issues, Trauma In Utero, Transgenerational Trauma and Dissociation Issues

( 2016 – 2018)

  • Athens Institute of Traumatherapy in Cooperation with Liza Swartz M.Ed.

Education & Training in the Comprehensive Resource Model for Trauma Therapy – Certified Practitioner ( 2015)

  • Athens Institute of Traumatherapy

Education & Training in Resource Brainspotting ( 2014)

  • Athens Institute of Traumatherapy in cooperation with Dipl. Psych. Oliver Schubbe

Education & Training in Brainspotting ( 2014)

  • Reich Institute in Greece in cooperation with I.B. (Scuola Italiana di Biosistemica).

License in Counseling  ( 2012 )

  • University of Ioannina, Greece

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with Distinction ( 1989 )


Regular Member of the European Association for Counseling .

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